6-day multi-active programme in Lapland

You want even more winter and even more Lapland? Come and spend an exciting holiday at our huskyfarm and experience the many faces of the nordic winter. We are moving through the snow covered winter landscape with no stress nor engines and explore the treasures of Laplands nature and cuisine. If you are lucky you might even witness the fabulous northen lights dancing across the winter sky.


Day 1 (Friday): Arrival in Arvidsjaur
You will be picked up from the Arvidsjaur airport and brought toour huskyfarm. You will receive the most important information regarding the next couple of days. Then you are free to get settled in your room.

Day 2 (Saturday): Dog sled tour
On your first day, you will glide across frozen lakes and swamps and through snow-covered forests in a group of 2–6 dog sleds. Following a 30 minute introduction and familiarization of dog sleds by an experienced musher, you will be able to participate in a guided dog sled tour through the winter wonderland of Northern Sweden. You will experience the strength, will and excitement of our huskies first hand.
After breakfast you will get your rental winter clothing and equipment (shoes, snow pants, snow jackets) for the following days.
Our huskies are curious, cuddly and love contact with our guests. The spark of excitement will ignite in you and you will notice a pleasant sense of calmness wash over you. After an approximately 2 hour ride with the dog sleds, you will stop in a traditional Kåta that is situated right on the edge of a large lake and in between beautiful mountains. A delicious, home-made game soup will already be bubbling over the fire when you arrive. After a comforting rest, you will drive another 2 hours back to the husky farm, where coffee and home-made baked goods will be waiting for you.

Day 3 (Sunday): Culinary Snow Shoe Hike
At home in the great outdoors – is there anything more comforting than a delicious meal around the campfire amidst magnificent nature? We offer you more than just a normal snow shoe hike – this is a wonderful culinary experience. Your professional guide will provide you with wild treats, as well as with interesting facts about the flora and fauna of your surroundings. You will try to guess animal tracks and will learn more about the real-life Treebeard.
After breakfast you will get you rental equipment (snow shoes, walking sticks) and receive an introduction into snow shoe hiking. Then you will embark on a 2-hour tour near the Vittjåkk-Akkanålke nature reserve. On the edge of the snow-covered forest, in cover of the wind, you will encounter a warm campfire. You will enjoy a three-course meal, prepared by your guide, amongst the solitude and vastness of Lapland.
You will learn how to brew real Scandinavian coffee and why cheese is included in its recipe. Your lunch will consist of traditional delicacies, prepared with local ingredients.
Following this relaxing lunch break you will make your way back across the frozen lakes and swamps.
Back on the husky farm another culinary highlight awaits you: flame salmon prepared upon the open fire. The traditional Sami flatbread, called Gáhkku, is served on the side. The flatbread is freshly baked for you on the side of the fire. The day ends with warm blueberry soup for dessert and a fond recap of the day.

Day 4 (Monday): Ice Fishing – Discover the popular sport of the North
Just as on previous days, we will meet after breakfast. The farm lies directly at the Jeärttájávrrie, which is a lake rich with fish. Wherever you can fish successfully in summer, you can also find lots of fish hiding under the thick ice sheets of the lakes in the winter.
With your packed equipment you make your short way to the lake. There, you will receive a short introduction into ice fishing, and off you go! Holes are drilled into the ice with a special ice drill, and then the rods are lowered into the water. With some luck, you will soon have caught your first fish that you will then prepare upon the open fire with the help of your guide. A nearby fire will keep you warm whilst you fish and will also be used to prepare lunch with your guide. Whilst you toast your sandwiches over the open flames, you can make yourself comfortable on laid out reindeer skins. Let your gaze wonder over the still vastness whilst you enjoy a warm beverage. You can spend the rest of the day as you like after this half-day activity.

Day 5 (Tuesday): Ski hiking through the Taiga
The usual means of transport in the winter for the Sami people are skis. We want to continue this tradition and provide people with the opportunity to experience it first-hand. After breakfast you will discover the solitary winter landscapes on wide wooden skis. You will glide through the Taiga over frozen lakes and swamps. Perhaps you will encounter some more animal tracks that you discovered during your snow shoe tour.
On your breaks, you will enjoy the calmness of nature and re-tank your energy with warm beverages and home-baked sandwiches with smoked reindeer meat. In the afternoon, coffee and home-made baked goods will be waiting for you.

Day 6 (Wednesday): Departure
After a good breakfast you will be brought to the Arvidsjaur airport


09.02.-14.02.2018/ 4 places in hotel
16.02.-21.02.2018/ 4 places in hotel


6 Days


  • 5 overnight stays in double room with shower/toilet
  • full board
  • snow shoe day tour
  • dog sled day tour (drive your own dog sled)
  • ice fishing half day programme
  • ski hiking day tour
  • rental winter equipment (thermal jacket and pants, winter boots, musher mittens, snow shoes, telescope poles, skis, fishing gear)
  • free use of the sauna and vildmarkstunna
  • English speaking wilderness guide
  • max. 6 persons per group


    1450€ per person incl. tax

    Not included

    • flight, getting there and back
    • alcoholic beverages, soft drinks


    Get the detailed gear list here (German):  Ausrüstungliste (PDF)

    Individaul booking

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