Day trip with own husky-team

Follow the footsteps of Jack London into the wild: With a team of 4 to 5 sled dogs through northern Sweden. You will be standing on the vats yourself and will be giving orders to your new, four-legged friends. In a group of 2-6 dogsleds you will be guided through snowy forests and over frozen lakes of Arvidsjaur by an experienced English- and German-speaking musher. Live to see the power, will and joy of the huskies very close. Sparks of enthusiasm will leap over to you and you will feel, how a pleasant state of Relaxation will spread out inside of you. Everyday life will be left behind and you will wish the journey would never end...


Every day from December to March on request


Storberg 23 km outside Arvidsjaur


  • Loan thermal jacket, thermal pant, special musher-gloves and boots
  • Dog sled team of 4-5 dogs
  • Everyone drives their own dog sleds team
  • Warm lunch in a sami kåta
  • Coffee and cake after the tour
  • Max. 6 people in a group
  • English speaking guide


    2'350 SEK/ Person


    5–6 hours
    4 hours driving time