Winter in Lappland

Winter in Lappland is starting very early. In the very up north everybody is fond of the most intensive and longest season in the year. The first snowflake touches the ground in end of October or begining of November. The sleddogs feel some days before that winter, their favorite season, is returning.  Days become shorter and darker. On  21. Dezember, the shortes day, the crimson sun rises only for some houres. The temperatures are frosty: the thermometer falls sometimes below -35°C.

Lakes, Marches and Rivers are frozen in the nordic winter. These are optimal requirements, to glide by the dogsled over the snowfields. In clear nights there are mystic Polarlight dancing on the sky. Sky's presenting in clear nights as colourfull artwork of nature. Auf den Tannenästen liegt der Schnee hoch und weich wie Zuckerwatte. Der Schnee dämpft jedes Geräusch. Nur das Hecheln der Hunde und das Knistern der Kufen auf dem Schnee durchdringt die Stille. Eine Fahrt im Hundeschlitten ist einfach wunderschön.

In January the days get longer and brighter again. The sun rises higher over the horizon and lifts the spirit of human and dog with its sunbeams. Large amounts of snow only fall rarely and the temperature is more convenient than in December. From February untill late March the conditions for dogsled-tours are fantastic, and our guests rejoice themselves in the fabulously beautiful wilderness. Although it is still rather cold, we can undertake larger tours, since the trails are in a very good state.

By the beginning of April the days up here are already longer than the ones in central Europe. Untill the End of April the snow conditions are good, to go on tour with the dogs. But in May the snow melts away within 2 weeks, and after a very short spring, summer already arrived.