The Journey to Storberg in Arvidsjaur

The fastest and most reasonably priced way to our Husky kennel in the north of Sweden is to travel by air.  Arvidsjaur Airport is almost 30 km away from our Lodge. The transfer from the airport and to our Kennel and back, will be included in all our tours.

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Flights from Switzerland

From Zürich you will get at Arvidsjaur by a Stoppover in Stockholm. Our suggestion for booking is to fly SAS (Zürich-Stockholm) and SKYWAY as a domestic fligth (Stockholm-Arvidsjaur). An other possiblity is to travel over Germany (Stuttgard, Hannover, Frankfurt/Hann und München) and to take a direktflight to Arvidsjaur (see Directflights from Germany). With regard to price there is no big difference between these two routes. 

For a return flight you have to count on costs of 500.- to 750.- Euro. 

By car or by train

A little bit less faster, but for it you get a fascinating journey if you arrive by car or train. This alternativ assumes that you have enough time and delight to get to know the landscapes of Germany and Sweden. Starting by car from Germany or Danmark you will reach the scandic peninsula with different ferries or by passing the Öresundbridge. Summer and autumn are very nice seasons to travel from Stockholm (e. g. by rental car) via Öffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen FensterInlandsvägen  or along the cost to Lapland.

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Storberg 4, SE-93399 Arvidsjaur


T +46 (0)960 160 52
M +46 (0)76 832 5993
F +46 (0)960 160 52


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