Explore the nature of Sweden by packraft!

The packraft. It weighs just 3 kg and has the size of a packed sleeping bag. Inflated it is a comfortable paddling boat with enough space to strap a backpack or a bike on top and durable enogh to maneuver the one or the other rapid.

At your destination you can pack the raft in your backpack or on the bike and continue on land.
Packrafting offers a great variety of advantages, for us it is especially important to be independent from motorized transportation and to paddle on all possible waterways and  combine hiking and paddling.

There are variuos advantages of the packraft. It is possible to paddle on almost every lake or river, because almost any obstacles like rapids can be avoided by just carrying the boat. By this way paddling can be easily combined with hiking or cycling.

Our packrafts are ready for you! It is possible to rent the boats from us, including the necessary equipment, to explore Lapland on your own. If you would like to have an introduction first and get to know packrafting, you are welcome to visit our taster tour.

We welcome you to join us on new adventures – on guided trips or on your own.

How to: Packraft.


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